Revive is a unique week when we come  together to celebrate, worship, pray and share life in the name of Jesus.

We come from all over the UK and across the world. From different backgrounds, communities and workplaces, to spend time together – what brings us together is the banner of Jesus that we are flying together.

Revive is a place where God is encountered, lives are restored and relationships are deepened. Plus, there’s lots of time and opportunity for fun and relaxation!

There’s a sports programme including family treasure hunts. Relax and be entertained at Café Ash. Organise games or a church barbeque on the campsite. Roll up, roll up to Wednesday’s village fête. Explore acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. Everyone loves Revive – from age 0–100. There are programme streams for babies, toddlers, children, youth, young adults ……… and older adults.

This could be the best week of your life. And your children’s lives. And your children’s children’s lives!

Healings. Miracles. Answered prayers. Prophetic words. Holy Spirit baptism. Oppressive situations broken. We have seen God faithfully show His salvation power year after year at Revive. And with a continuous stream of prayer, worship and ministry throughout the week, there are so many opportunities to receive God’s salvation work in every area of your life. As Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 6, Now is “the day of salvation”’!