It is a plan to celebrate something of the biblical meaning of Jubilee, by making it possible for people to only pay what they can afford to come to Revive. Campers can pay a minimum of 10% of their ticket price (that is a reduction of 90%). We hope that many people will enter into the invitation to give above and beyond their ticket price to help make Revive happen for all. 

From right back in 1974 when Roger and Faith Forster planted Ichthus, we have been a church committed to living out what we teach and preach from the bible. This is a simple and prophetic way to express life together within the body of Christ and demonstrate the fact that the gospel really is ‘good news for the poor.’ 

Yes of course! We would love new people to try Revive camping, and there’s no better year to try it than 2024! Do use the opportunity to invite along people to have a try. We love Revive and we want more people to be blessed by it! 

You can give through the website here. 

You can donate by bank transfer to the Revive account:  

Account Name: Ichthus Christian Fellowship 

Sort code: 20-49-81 

Account number: 90534471 

Reference: Revive Jubilee 

You can send a cheque, made payable to Ichthus Christian Fellowship to 118 Perry Vale, SE23 2LQ. Please write Revive Jubilee on the cheque. 

It is possible that some people may pay only 10% of their fee when they could easily give the other 90% as well. However, the giving is a freewill offering and we are not requiring you to give above the 10% to come to Revive. We don’t want this to get in the way of making it possible for people in genuine financial hardship to be able to come to Revive in 2024, even if there are some people who take advantage of it. 

We need time to organise the infrastructure and space needed for camping. If we have a last-minute rush of bookings, we will not have enough time to put enough toilets, showers, water points in place. 

Yes, you can book in after it has finished, but camping bookings made after 1st June will be charged at standard rate. You can see our camping charges by clicking here

This is a huge step of faith, and we are trusting God for provision. Revive always runs with a ‘faith-gap’ for the finances, but this year our ‘faith gap’ is much bigger than normal. However, we know God is faithful and so are many of you who partner with us in giving and supporting the event through offerings and generous gifts. 

That’s totally fine, we understand. Please simply click ‘Pay in Full’ when you check out of your booking online. 

Ichthus books out the whole of Ashburnham Place in a peak week during August, to make Revive happen each year. Due to the costs associated with staying in the house, and the cost of food, rooms and cleaning, we are unable to apply the 90% reduction to house rooms. Camping places can be expanded much more easily. 

We want everyone to feel part of this extra-special celebration. If you are staying in the house, you are still invited to enter into the spirit of jubilation, and we will give everyone staying in the house a small prophetic gift.  

House guests are also invited to give ‘above and beyond’ to join in the spirit of the jubilee celebration for all, although we do recognise that paying the fee for staying in the house is already a significant investment for many. 

Yes! If you booked your room between 1st and 19th November, you can amend your booking to a camping booking, and we will refund the difference in the 10% deposit between your original house booking and your camping booking.  

Please contact the office on 020 8694 7171 or email if you would like to do this.  

You have until 31st December 2023 to amend your booking. From 1st January 2024, the full cancellation and refund charges will apply. To read our cancellation and refund policy click here

House Bookings made from 20th November onwards (after we have announced the Jubilee Camping Reduction) will be subject to the usual cancellation and refund charges. 

No. This is just for the year 2024, as part of our celebration of 50 years since Ichthus was planted in 1974. 

No. Revive will still be bursting with life as always, with great teaching, worship, prayer, prayer ministry, groups for all ages of children and young people from 1 to 24, sports, entertainment and much more. 

Yes! We have a number of solutions to make space for extra campers who join us in 2024 for the first time! Hurry and book with your 10% deposit to ensure you take advantage of the Revive Jubilee Reduction. 

We still need over 150 volunteers to make Revive happen safely! Full time volunteers will still get a £209 discount, and this can be used against the 10% of their family’s discount, or the cost of their family to have meals in the house (if they choose this option).