People need healing, fresh hope and transformation after the effects of lockdown and all the pressures it has brought, along with grief and suffering. Our prayer is that everyone at Revive would receive fresh WATER from the rock!

“Between a Rock and a hard place”

As we prayed we felt God taking us to the story in Numbers 20 when the Israelites needed water. The people were desperate, and so Moses and Aaron fell on their faces in the presence of God.

“The glory of God appeared to them saying…”

“Assemble The Congregation”

Then God told Moses and Aaron to strike the rock and He brought water from the rock! God can provide miraculously for us out of something hard and heavy.

We know how difficult these last 18 months have been, but as we gather together we know we will receive supernatural water of refreshment, healing and provision.

Revive 2021 Daily Programme