Due to the pandemic Revive 2020 had to take place online.

We had a fantastic time recreating a number of spiritual and fun sessions, with some even filmed at Ashburnham.

Watch some of the sessions here, or Click here to watch the whole weekend on our Youtube channel.


Friday Night Celebration

Saturday Morning: Word and Worship 

Saturday Night Celebration: Bring Back the King! 

Sunday Morning Celebration: What Now?


Revive Your Creative Vision

Revive Your Rhythm

Revive Your Body


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Lockdown Experiences: The Significance of Dreams and Visions

Parenting in a Pandemic

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – The Spiritual Birth of Ichthus


The Lake Race

Late Night Jazz Session

Prayer Walk Around Ashburnham

Good Morning Revive


Noah’s Ark & Rainbow Club,            1 – 4 yrs old

Popcorn Session,                                  5 – 10 yrs old

Jesus Generation,                                11 – 14 yrs old

SAS Session,                                          15 – 17 yrs old