We love TEAM!

Revive could not happen without our incredible team of volunteers. It’s an amazing opportunity to serve others, make new friends, and gain experience whilst enjoying being at the heart of the event.  Find all the information about volunteering at Revive below, make sure to read our helpful FAQ’s from previous volunteers.


Will you answer the trumpet call to volunteer in our Jubilee year …

Volunteering makes Revive even better value


Serving the people of God is such a privilege and there is wonderful camaraderie in the team


Revive wouldn’t happen without volunteers! It was amazing to see the many volunteers alongside me.   Serving others is always a blessing.


I met some wonderful people in the team, who I would not otherwise have met


Volunteering is great. You get to meet new people, serve alongside others and get blessed in a different way!


Become a greater part of the whole, care and share, and have great fellowship throughout your week.


Volunteering is the best part of Revive! Just do it!


Volunteering at Revive is challenging and requires commitment, but team life is a genuine joy that will leave you fulfilled


Jesus would volunteer


There is nothing better than noticing each other, as Jesus taught us.


It was great to be part of a team and to be a friendly face at Revive


Volunteering Roles

There are many different teams at Revive from working with children and young people, to helping the site run smoothly.  There are options to work full-time or part-time on most teams (however, if you are requesting to work part-time, we do ask for a reason to be given on application).

Click the buttons below to see all the information you need to know on the available roles.


Volunteer Application Process

Before you can apply to volunteer, you must make sure you have booked into Revive and paid 10%.  You can then use your unique booking reference (e.g. P2SR9K8P) to apply to volunteer here.

Once you have applied you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application and further information about how you can help your application to be processed in a timely manner.  If you are volunteering with children or young people, you will require a DBS check with Ichthus.  If you do not have a current DBS with us, this request will be sent to you separately via email from the Office (we cannot accept DBS certificates from other places).  Please make sure to look out for this DBS email as delays in completing the application and ID check will prevent your application from moving forward.  Click here to see our safeguarding information.

Once your references and DBS (if required) are completed, we will pass your details and references to the relevant team leader for their approval.  Once they have approved you as a member of the team, we will contact you with a final ‘Volunteer acceptance’ email, confirming your volunteer discount amount and any outstanding balance that may need to be paid.

Volunteering Benefits

All Revive volunteers will receive a discount on their booking and food court vouchers for lunches.  Whether you choose to volunteer full-time (8 hours a day) or part-time (4 hours a day) will affect the discount you receive and whether meals in the house are included.  See below for a breakdown of all discounts for 2024 depending on your accommodation type.  These discounts will be applied to your booking once you have completed the application process.

Volunteer Discount Summary

Click below to see what benefits you will recieve depending on your booking type.

You will receive the following:

  • Breakfast and dinner in the house
  • Daily food court vouchers for lunch
  • Up to £209 discount off your Revive booking

You will receive the following:

  • Daily food court vouchers for lunch
  • Up to £209 discount off your Revive booking

You will receive the following:

  • Daily food court vouchers for lunch
  • Up to £105 discount off your Revive booking

You will receive the following:

Volunteers working in NARC, Cafe Ash or Positive and CAMPING

  • Breakfast and dinner in the house
  • Daily food court vouchers for lunch
  • Up to £105 discount off your Revive booking.

Volunteers working in NARC, Cafe Ash or Positive and staying in the HOUSE will receive the following:

  • Daily food court vouchers for lunch
  • Up to £105 discount off your Revive booking

Common FAQ’s

We ask all volunteers to pay a 10% deposit when booking into Revive.  As this is a Jubilee year, the volunteer discount is slightly different (read more about the Jubilee here).  If you book before the 31st May then your will receive the Jubilee camping reduction of 90%.  Therefore, the volunteer discount (£209 for full-time and £105 for part-time) will be applied to the balance on your booking, once your application has been approved.  The balance may consist of the 10% of your booking that is payable, any extra camping extras e.g. gazebos, or meals for family members if you are camping. See example below:

If you apply from the 1st June 2024 then you will receive a volunteer discount (£209 for full-time and £105 for part-time) applied to your booking once your application has been approved.  Your 10% deposit will be refunded if your discount covers your booking.

Sometimes you will not be allocated your first-choice due to availability on the team or the skill make up needed for effective team working.  If this happens, you will be consulted by the office to check if you would be happy to volunteer in your second-choice team or we may even ask you to consider being in a different team, where we feel your skills would be useful.  If this happens to you, please try not to be disappointed, Revive is a great place to volunteer and you never know you might find you actually enjoy something you would never have previously considered.

If you are volunteering for the first time, or did not volunteer at Revive last year, we ask you to provide contact details for a personal referee and a church leader referee.  Please note that the personal referee cannot be your spouse or family member.  It needs to be someone that has known you for approximately 3 years in some other capacity.  We ask for these references to make sure that we are placing you in the correct volunteering role and for safeguarding purposes.

You will have received a confirmation email when you completed your application.  If you have not received this, please make sure you contact the office to check your email address is correct.  If you have not heard anything about your application for a while, it is likely that your references have not been completed.  Please be pro-active in asking your chosen referees to complete them or contact us via email at revive@ichthus.org.uk to ask us to re-send the request, if they have been missed.   If you have applied before the 1st April there will be a delay in hearing about your application, as we don’t finalise applications and discounts before then.  This is because we are unsure of the Revive booking numbers which affects the number of volunteers we need.

If you are camping and have applied as a full-time volunteer, you will be given 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) in the house.  You can also pay for additional house meals for your family if you wish to, either choose this option when completing your volunteer application or add them on after your application has been approved.  Please contact the office on 0208 694 7171 if you wish to add these to your booking.  You can see the breakdown of the prices here.

Prices for Volunteer’s Family Meals

Prices include breakfast and dinner in the house and Food Court vouchers (FCV) for lunch.

Adult – £155

Youth (11-17yrs) – £90

Child (5-10yrs) – £90

Infants (0-4yrs) – £19 (this includes a packed kid’s lunch instead of FCV.  This is collected from the Revive Information Desk from the Sunday)

Every child and young person is important to God, created in his image. Each is a vital part of the community of Ichthus Christian Fellowship and we want to provide a safe environment, which encourages their growth in Christ and facilitates their ministry to the whole body.

Ichthus Christian Fellowship has a Revive Safeguarding Policy which will be available for all those working with children and young people at Revive, and to all team leaders. If you will not be working with children, but would like to have a copy, please ask your team leader during the event or contact us beforehand.

Ichthus needs a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service check for everyone working with children and young people at Revive.

If you have applied to work with children and young people, the link will be sent to you once your application to work at Revive has been provisionally approved by the appropriate team leader (unless you have already been checked by Ichthus within the last three years, in which case you do not need to be checked again).

Your application to work with children or young people will not be fully approved until we have received satisfactory results of the DBS check.

We still need over 150 volunteers to make Revive happen safely! Full time volunteers will still get a £209 discount, and this can be used against the 10% of their family’s discount, or the cost of their family to have meals in the house (if they choose this option).